Speaker Biography

Abdul Qadar Punagi

Abdul Qadar Punagi has his expertise in rhinology and passion in research related nose disease and allergy. He is recently chairman of division of rhinology and Head of Department   t of ORL Hasanuddin University. He has built all the work as rhinologist and ORL after year experience in the hospital, teaching and administration both in the hospital and education institution.



This research aimed to find out the effect of the treatment therapy of the additional vitamin D on the levels of specific IgE of the patients with alergic rhinitis. The research was an experimental research with the design of pre-and post-tes of control group design. The research involved 40 patients with allergic trhinitis, who were divided into 2 groups. Group I consisting of 20 patients were treated with intranasal spray fluticasone therapy and vitamin D of 2x400IU for 21 days, and Group II consisting of 20 patients were only treated with intranasal spray fluticasone for 21 days. The levels of the calciferol and IgE of specific Der p of both groups of patients were examined before and after the therapy. The examination of the calciferol and IgE specific Der p using ALISA method. From the analysis of the subject demography of the research in each group did not showed any significant difference (p>0.05) based on the gender and age of the patients. The result of Mann-Whitney analysis revealed a significant change difference (p>0.05) between the two groups, that is, the level of IgE specific Der p showed greater decrease in the group receiving vitamin D compared to the group not receiving vitamin D.