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Sajidxa Indira Marino Ostos

Sajidxa Indira Marino Ostos

Founder of Respira Libre Center

Universidad Central de



Specialist in Endoscopic Nose and Sinus Surgery with specialization studies in France, Italy, Spain, USA and Colombia also Lecturer in the medical area and entrepreneurship issues in the health area.President of the Venezuelan Otorhinolaryngology Society (Period 2015-2018). she is also a Pioneer in Venezuela in otorhinolaryngology laser surgery.she has a a great experience in the use of laser surgery in the clinic with presentation in Global Scientific Conferences, in March 2017, in Dubai, UAE of own technique for turbinate hypertrophy surgery with Diode laser with topical anesthesia in 500 patients.Founder of Respira Libre Center of otolaryngologist laser surgery in office

Research Area

otolaryngologist laser surgery