Organizing Committee Member

Jose Maria Llorens

Jose Maria Llorens


Austral University Hospital



Dr. Jose Maria Llorens has built his expertise in the treatment of Tumors of Aerodigestive Tract, with Transoral Laser Microsurgery approaches, on the ENT/HNS Dept. Austral University Hospital, Buenos Aires, Argentina. He open and started this program over 10 years ago on the evaluation and this treatment model, based on responsive new pathways for improving healthcare. He has built this model after years of experience in evaluation, teaching, and administration both in hospitals, annual courses, and teaching in other institutions. This type of surgical technique is based on the great experience developed by Oncological centers over the past decades which is a standard protocol on head and Neck cancer treatment. This approach is responsive and focused have better results on quality of life with excellent oncological control on the treatment of this type of diseases

Research Area

Tumors of Aerodigestive Tract, with Transoral Laser Microsurgery, approaches, on the ENT/HNS