Speaker Biography

Ahmad Nasrat Al-juboori

Al Wakra Hospital, Qatar

Title: Tortuous Internal Carotid Artery: A Rare Cause of Sore Throat

Ahmad Nasrat Al-juboori

Dr. Ahmad Nasrat Al-juboori has completed his PhD since 1997. He was graduated from Iraqi Board of Otolaryngology (1997), and from European Board of Otorhinolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery since 2015. He was former consultant ENT surgeon and professor in clinical otolaryngology in Al-Iraqia University, Iraq till 2015. Now he is working as Associate consultant in Hamad Medical Corporation, Al Wakra Hospital and Assistant Professor in Weil Cornell Medicine-Qatar.  He has published more than 22 papers in reputed journals and has been serving as an editorial board member and reviewer in 5 of reputed journals



Tortuous internal carotid artery (ICA) is a very rare variation. In almost all the cases, the anomaly was on the right side. This right-sided predominance may be attributed to anatomical influences and factors affecting blood pressure. A 67-years-old man presented to ear, nose and throat (ENT) outpatient clinic in Al Wakra Hospital complained of sore throat, there was associated medical co-morbidities (diabetic, hypertensive, hyperlipidemia and coronary artery diseases). ENT examination, showed a pulsating, bulging mass on the right posterolateral oropharyngeal wall with normal mucosal covering. CT scan with contrast showed aberrant course of the right ICA which is coursing medially in prevertebral space and right posterolateral hypopharyngeal wall over a length of approximately 1.7 cm, making an acute U-turn before resuming the normal course and its distal aspects, only a thin layer of mucosa noted over the aberrant course of ICA. Tortuous ICA must be kept in mind in the evaluation of patient with sore throat associated with oropharyngeal mass especially in old aged patients with atherosclerotic diseases