Speech Language pathology

An SLP will facilitate treat issues associated with speech, hearing, and swallowing. additional specifically Associate in Nursing SLP will facilitate assess and treat:

Fluency: stammering, and cluttering
Speech: articulation
Language: ability, and comprehension of spoken and communication
Cognition: attention, memory, ability to resolve issues
Voice: characteristics of vocal tone
audile habilitation & audile rehabilitation: recovery techniques related to speech, hearing & language disorders
Swallowing disorders: stroke and innate disorders
alternative services: some therapists can focus on alternative services together with skilled voice development, accent or non-standard speech modification, transgender voice, business communication modification, and voice hygiene

  • Speech Therapy for Late Talkers
  • Speech Therapy for Stuttering
  • Speech Therapy for Kids With Apraxia
  • Speech Therapy for Aphasia
  • Speech Therapy for Swallowing Difficulty, etc


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